Baby Frock | Pillow/ Chair Cover | Skirt | Saree Skirt | Saree Blouse | Night Dress | Petticoat | House Coat | Blouse | Top - Panjavi | Pijama | School Uniform | Shirt | Sarong / Lunky | Shorts | Curtains |

Envelope Making

Medical Envelopes| Prasada packets for Temples | Postal Envelopes & Paper bags | Envelope in Variable sizes for other uses.

Icing & Cake Making

Soft and hard butter icing decoration |Bonden icing decoration | Parchman icing decoration |Regiform Decoration.

Garland & Flower Making

Garland |Bud Garland | Sadangam | Pearl chain |Necklace.

Handicraft Work

Flower making and decoration | Weaving of Chairs | Wool Handicraft | Crystal stone decoration | Dolls and cartoons.

Chairs Weaving

A broken or drab chair seat doesn't have to mean the end for a favorite wooden chair. You can create a simple but decorative seat from AROD to breathe new life into the furniture.

Tiffin Making Training

we provide hygienic cooking | hand picked-good quality-fresh ingredients | variety in menu | healthy non-oily home type food for your special days in cheapest prices

Book Binding

we produces premium-quality softcover and hardcover bindings for designers throughout the country.

Drawing & Patch Work

Choose your favorite patchwork drawings from hundreds of available designs. (Greeting Cards Making)

Computer Typing

when you need to type something immediately. we are there for you and The prices are affordable and not high at all.