International Day of Disabled Persons 2021

Remembered on 3rd of December 2021 in AROD Sales Center, followed by Lunch for all the participants.

It is notable that a new name board of AROD was opened followed by singing and speeches by Members of AROD. 

பதவி வெற்றிடம் - சமையலாளர்

பதவி - சமையல் செய்பவர் (பெண்)

வயது - 45 -60

தகமை  - தரம் 8 சித்தியடைந்தவர்.  சமையல் அனுபவம் உடையவர்.

சம்பளம் - பேசி தீர்மானிக்கப்படும்  (தங்மிடம் உணவு வழங்கப்படும்)​​

மேலதிக விபரங்களுக்கு  15.08.2021 உதயன் பத்திரிகையினை பார்வையிடவும்.

(விண்ணப்பங்களை சுயமாக தயாரித்து 27.08.2021  முன்னர் தபால்  மூலமாக அனுப்பி வைக்கவும்.)​தொடர்புகளுக்கு -. 021-221-5925  அல்லது 077668179

Association for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled 47/2, Adiyapatham road, Thirunelvely north Jaffna.

Dear friends and well-wishers within the island and abroad

            As you all know our organization is completing its 30 years of service by next year within this period we did whatever we could to uplift the life of the disabled. We were longing to put up a three storied building for our hostel, administration, and training purposes with the donations we received from you all during this period and other funds. We were able to put up the building we desired but some important works like construction of an electronic lift and two bathroom for 2nd 3rd floors still remains to be done as we have exhausted all our funds. Of these the lift stands foremost as the trainees with Jaipur foot and even other disabled are finding at extremely difficult to climb up the stairs, even with the ramp they are not comfortable. Therefore we have decided to construct an electronic lift first. This will cost about rupees 8 million we earnestly beg your generous support for this urgent project we have opened a separate for the project at Commercial Bank Saving Account Jaffna branch, Account No- 8600925605 you can remit your donations to this account. All remittances will be acknowledged.


Will kind regards,



1st year Death Anniversary

AROD Founder President Dr.S.Sanmugalingam's 1st year Death annivesary Celebrated on 30.12.2018


Opening of New Building


On 6th of May 2018, Mr & Mrs.N. Vedhanayagan (Government Agent Jaffna) declare open the New Building at 47/2, Aadiyapaatham Road, Thirunalvely North, Jaffna.

Website launching ceremony of AROD

Website of AROD (Association for Rehabilitation of the Disabled) launched on 17th September, 2016 at AROD, Jaffna.

Dr. A.Ketheeswaran, Regional Director of Health Services (North), honoured the event as Chief Guest and launched the website. It is another step forward in AROD's move as the website hold all relevant information of AROD and its services. Information of projects, needed funds, future plans and ways to offer donation also presented on the website.

The website is developed by Innovay (Pvt) Ltd for AROD as one of their CSR project.

Dirisawiya project

The Dirisawiya project was commenced at Association for Rehabiliation of the disabled (AROD) on 15th july 2014 and was completed on 15th january 2015.there were 40 applicants ,20 disabled were selected for the training by an interview board consisting of members of the executive commitee of AROD.

The project involved training in sewing and handicrafts. 20 trainees underwent training. the trainees initially underwent a one week exposure to sewing and other handicrafts such as greeting card making , weaving of chairs , book binding , Garland making, cake making & icing and handicrafts.

The most suitable trainee was identified and the disabled were allocated to the particular skill development. some disabled were capable of learning more than one skill .


Study AROD

Two disabled from AROD have appeared for the GCE O/L examination in 2013 and two former trainees of AROD are appearing for the External degree Examination this year.

Students studying in Grades 11 & 12 the Nuffield school for the Deaf and Blind, spent a day at AROD on 14th March 2014 and learnt a few skills.

Training Program for Disabled

Training Program for Disabled: Action is underway to start a Training program for Disabled persons in Sewing and Handicraft with assistance from the Ministry of Social Services under the Dirisawiya Project.

Two handicrafts made by the disabled - A doll made from matchsticks by Ms T Pushpanithy and a handbag made from Banana sheath by Ms. P Pavalaranjini - has been selected and sent to “Thesathin Makudam “ exhibition in Colombo.

Our Training program in sewing and Book binding were ceremoniously inaugurated at AROD on March 01st, 2014. The training was organized by the Non-Formal education Unit of the Ministry of Education.

Donation of Sewing Machines

Donation of Sewing Machines: On the 4th of February 2014,the Non Formal Unit of the Zonal Educational Unit , donated five sewing machines to AROD.