Establishment of sales centre

The disabled are unable to market their products. they need a place to market their products . AROD proposes to set up a place to purchase their products and market them.

Establishment of community based rehabiliation

The aim of community-based rehabilitation (CBR) is to help people with disabilities, by establishing community-based programs for social integration, equalization of opportunities, and rehabilitation programs for the disabled. The strength of CBR programs is that they can be made available in rural areas with limited infrastructure, as program leadership is not restricted to professionals in healthcare, education, vocational or social services.

Build a three tier building for our organization

The building is in progress. The masonary work is completed up to third floor. A Ramp is constructed. Roofing is needed The First floor will have a Sales centre and Rehabilitation Unit The second floor will have an office , Training and sewing centre. The third floor will have aaccomadation facilities and a reception hall. The building will have a lift facility.

Provide more physical and financial assistance

While of course no one plans to become disabled, the fact is that it can happen unexpectedly. Most families need some sort of support to pay the bills that could occur as a result of this event, for the education of their children, or maybe to make up for lost income. Whether the issue is a mental or physical disability, resources can assist.

Passenger Lift Construction

The lift Construction necessary foremost as the trainees with Jaipur foot and even other disabled are finding at extremely difficult to climb up the stairs,